ATP/WTA Pros and their Strings

ATP/WTA Pros and their Strings

By: Pinoy10sCoach

Ever wonder what particular string and tension Roger Federe or Rafa Nadal use? Here is a look at the Top professionals and the string and tension they use. You’ll be surprised with some of them!


String Type/Brand

Tension (Lbs)

Roger Federer

Wilson Natural Gut/Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough

48.5 (Main)/44 (Cross)

Rafael Nadal

Babolat RPM Blast


Andy Murray

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough/Babolat VS Team


Maria Sharapova

Babolat VS Team/Babolat RPM Blast


Novak Djokovic

Babolat VS Team Natural Gut/Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough

55 (Main)/ 52 (Cross

Juan Martin Del Potro

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough


Serena Williams

Wilson Natural Gut


Caroline Wozniacki

Babolat VS Team Natural Gut


Sabine Lisicki

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough/Wilson Natural Gut

52 (Main) / 50(Cross)

Ana Ivanovic

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough


Jo-Wilfred Tsonga

Babolat VS Team


Bob Bryan

Prince Natural Gut/ Luxilon Big Banger

56 (Main) / 52 (Cross)

Mike Bryan

Prince Natural Gut/ Luxilon Big Banger

54 (Main) / 51 (Cross)

Tomas Berdych

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power


David Ferrer

Luxilon Big Banger Original



The consensus seems to be a combination of Natural Gut and the Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power for the top professionals. Want to play like the pros but string prices out of your budget? Visit and find similar type strings at less than half the price!


Happy Playing!

Building Your Tennis Strength and Agility

Building Your Tennis Strength and Agility
By: Pinoy10sCoach

Building your tennis specific strength and agility is vital in today’s game. You may have seen Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, or even Gael Monfils with their patented slide and near dives to retrieve balls at seemingly impossible angles and positions on the court? Oftentimes these ‘saves’ not only turn the points around, but even demoralizes an opponent who seemingly was thinking he had already won the point. These professionals getting to these seemingly impossible balls is a combination of talent, athleticism, and more importantly, hours spent on the gym working to strengthen their leg muscles and agility allowing them to hit the ball at the most awkward of body positions and angles. For the developing junior or competitive High School or College Player, or even for the recreational player, here are some exercises that can help you get to those seemingly low balls or get to a ball that seems to far to reach. Save the rally, save the point and it might just be the difference in winning your match!


Forward and Backward Rotational Lunge
To help with rotation and strength, most especially in open stance strokes
• Step forward with your left leg, while rotating to the left
• Rotate only as far as you can
• Then step backward with left leg while rotating to the right
• Return to standing position and alternate legs (right)
• Use of medicine ball or dumbbell is optional
• 10-12 repetitions, 2-3 sets

Forward Backward Drill

Place 8 cones two meters apart (4 cones on each side). Start at the first cone, sprint towards the second cone, go around and backward sprint to the third cone, and continue pattern until you reach the last cone. (make sure you start on both ends to work your left and right side). Rest 1 minute in between sets

Happy Playing!


Finding the Right Tension for your Tennis Racket

Finding the Right Tension for your Tennis Racket
By: Pinoy10sCoach

Tennis players young and old, from the junior age grouper to the weekend warrior to the top professionals often are posed with the same question: “What is the right string tension for me?” In the 90s era, the extremely high tension was the norm (Agassi – 72lbs, Pete Sampras -74lbs, Jim Courier – 81lbs!) with these pros using a combination of synthetic and natural guts. With the development of different materials such as the Polyester and Monofilament type of strings, the norm nowadays is low, low low…er with string tensions ranging from the low to mid 60’s (lbs) range: Murray – 62lbs, Serena Williams -66lbs to the mid-50’s range: Nadal – 55lbs, Bryan twins – 51-55lbs to the ultra low tension of Roger Federer – 48lbs, and Marcos Baghdatis – 46lbs.
A multitude of factors have to be considered before choosing the most appropriate tension for you.
-Racket used
-String pattern
-Swing speed
-Type of game you have (baseliner, serve and volley, etc)
-Swing type (Heavy topspin, flat, etc)
So what is the best tension to have? As a general rule: The harder the tension, the less power you get and the more control you have. With a lower tension, you will get the opposite effect: more power but less control. The best way is to experiment with the tension. If you play well, then excellent! If not, then move to either a higher or lower tension keeping in mind the above mentioned general rule. To help you even more, here is a more detailed list of effects on performance of different string tensions:

Tension Power Control Feel Comfort
High + – + +
Low – + – -

Happy Playing!!!


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