Badminton Racket Different Grips

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Their are generally two material types that grips are made out of and these are towel or synthetic. It’s personal choice when it comes to grip material. Synthetic grips are popular because they are easy to clean, you get a nice grip texture and they are hard wearing, but they are not so good at absorbing sweat. On the other hand towel grips are much better at dealing with sweat absorption, though they are harder to keep clean and need to be changed often.

Having a Larger Grip:
The main disadvantage is that you can’t change grips as easily as you can if the grips were smaller. This doesn’t affect you that much in singles, but can make a big difference in doubles play.

Having a Smaller Grip:
The downside is that of course, you tend to generate less power than with a larger grip, but if your technique is proper, power usually isn’t too much of a concern for you.

Choose a grip size that you feel comfortable with.
Generally, attacking players prefer bigger grips as they need to hold the racket more tightly to generate power.

If a player is interested in power play a thicker grip is recommended. It facilitates a tighter grip and is good for beginners. For a control player a thinner grip is suggested because it makes changing from the forehand to backhand grip (and vice-versa) easier. A thinner grip is perfect for advanced players.


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