Product Review: Karakal BN-60 Badminton Racket


Introducing the all NEW BN60 Badminton racket, manufactured using Ultra-lite Extreme Carbon Gel System which Spreads Tension over whole frame for Playability and Durability. This racket produces incredible power due to Ultra-Lite construction resulting in Higher than normally possible Racket Head speed.

Less weight = More Head-speed = More Power!

This racket produces incredible power due to its Ultra-Lite construction that results in a higher than normal racket head speed. Less weight means more head speed which in turn translates to more power. Featuring a high strength head loop which can take up to 28lbs stringing tension, rolling table precision shaft and a strong tee section which reduces torque from off centre hits to almost zero.

Being super light, the Karakal BN-60 is naturally a naturally defensive racket at first try. The swings with the racket are super fast, lending a sharp swish sound to every swing.

With the help of the head-heavy orientation, the Karakal BN-60 is able to pull off quite a mean attacking string.

Being able to hit all four corners of the court with ease gave me a very good feel about the BN-60. There was a level of comfort in my strokes, even when the occasional forced movement calls for a lesser-hit.


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Product Review Silver Sky Turbo Spin

Product Review  Silver Sky Turbo SpinSilver Sky Turbo Spin is a geometric string that offers added spin and increased durability from the recreational tennis warrior, Class A, B, C club player, up to the ultra-competitive junior age-grouper or collegiate player.  Using a co-polyester core, the Turbo Spin provides improved durability, feel and tension maintenance compared to earlier polyester based strings. The Heptagonal shape greatly helps in generating additional spin as the irregular shape allows the string to ‘bite’ more into the ball. This new technology also decreases the string to string friction, increasing the strings’ durability, and also provides greater flexibility for added power and that ‘softer feel’ that was not present in previous polyester strings. A great Choice for hitting those ground strokes from the back, short cuts and in-between shots from the mid court, and those delicate touch volleys at the net. And the best part about it? It only costs less than 30% of the price of its comparable high-end brand like the Tecnifibre Black Code. This string and other reasonably priced, quality strings are available at

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