Hybrid Tennis Strings

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Instead of just using one type of string on both the mains and crosses, players have begun stringing rackets with two different types of strings, one for the mains and one for the crosses. This type of stringing is called hybrid stringing.


Hybrid Stringing is also knows as “blend”. Generally, main strings break first as they tend to move more during impact and therefore endure more abrasion than the crosses.  As a consequence, usually a hybrid installation will assign a more durable (harder) string to the mains and a more playable (softer) string to the crosses.  Durability may not be the primary motive for choosing a hybrid though, often hybrids are chosen partially or entirely for their performance characteristics.


Some benefits of hybrid stringing is it can lower the cost of an expensive string. Say natural gut is a player’s preferred option, but the high price tag coupled with frequent restringing makes it too costly. Using a cheaper, tougher nylon in the crosses will increase durability and lower the overall cost. Will it feel exactly like a full set of gut? No. But the minimally damaging effect on overall playability is a worthwhile concession. Same goes for lowering the price on a high-end polyester by combining it with a cheaper alternative.

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Your Tennis String’s Performance

In order to determine your tennis string racquet performance, you need to try out a few different brands, and then determine the best type of string for your game. A knowledgeable racquet technician can assist you with what type of string is best for you, based on your style of play.

Tennis strings are pivotal to the performance of your racquet, without them, there would be no point of contact, all puns intended.

A higher stiffness means more control, less power, and less comfort. Stiffer strings exhibit higher peak impact tension, higher peak force, less string deflection, and shorter dwell time (time on the strings). This leads to less power because the higher force crushes the ball more and loses energy. It leads to less comfort because the higher force for a shorter time creates greater shock to the hand and arm. And it creates more control because less time on the strings means less time for the force of ball impact to twist and turn the racquet’s aim and also less time for the ball to take a ride on a racquet swing that is constantly changing the direction of its aim as it sweeps through both its horizontal and vertical arcs. The size of the arc sweep during the bounce duration affects the direction of the bounce.

Tension of the string is also very important to the playability of a string. If you increase the tension of the string you will increase the control and your spin capabilities. The tighter the string the more it will dig into the ball giving you more accuracy. When you decrease the tension of the string it in turn will increase your power and give you a larger sweet spot. One other benefit of having less tension is that it doesn’t send as much shock and vibration into your hand and elbow which can reduce your chance of arm injury.


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Why does Tennis String Matters?

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No matter how carefully you choose your tennis racket, the tennis strings are also likely to have a big impact on your game as well. The tension, material and the gauge of your strings make all the difference. A lousy string job will also make your game suffer. High quality stringing gives you an edge.

The looser your strings, the farther you can hit the ball. A high tension string job gives you more control, so if you play an intense game or hit hard, this is your best choice. Because the strings are the only part of the racquet that makes contact with the ball, it’s crucial that they are set to the optimal tension for you and your playing style.However prolong playing with a tightly strung racket may hurt your arm in the long run so you got to be careful.

*Looser strings provide more power.

*Tighter strings provide more control.

Choosing the correct tennis strings for yourself takes time. It requires some trial and error in the process to find out which string and combination (tension and gauge) are the most suitable for you. It is a fun process worth going through because it will impact your tennis game tremendously.

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Product Review: Slazenger Tennis Ball

With all the brands of tennis balls in the market, how do you know which one is the best? Or better yet, best suited for the way you play or more particularly, where or what type of courts you play on. Is there really a “perfect” ball? For me, it is more what is “perfect” or best suited for your needs.

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The Slazenger tennis ball among other brands, may be the best in terms of “playability”. It doesn’t feel like a rock when you hit it, nor does it fly uncontrollably all over the place. As you may know by now, it was made by the British, specifically for Wimbledon. Thus, playability and feel is of the utmost importance. It is also good for clay/shell courts, as the bounce is true and with just enough “heaviness” when it hits your strings. The downside is durability, especially for hard courts. The felt or hair fluffs earlier than a Wilson or Penn. But these brands were made for hard courts, and the feel and playability of these brands is not as good as the Slazenger, and these balls feel ‘harder’ but flies more.

So if you play more on shell or clay courts, and looking for more comfort and playability, the Slazenger Ultra-Vis is the brand for you!

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