Badminton Racket for Power


Advance technology on racket had contributed to more speed and power in badminton games and dramatically changes the players playing styles. There are several frame shapes of rackets in the market and you would have to know what is the best shape that suits your playing style.

Consider the following in choosing the perfecr racket for you.

Heavier Weight – Good for producing more power from your shots.

Higher Balance Point – Heavy balance means the weight is shifted towards the head while a head light balance means the weight is shifted less towards the head (towards the grip).

More Stiffness – The stiffness of the racquet shaft can have a major impact on your badminton game.

A new racket won’t instantly make you a better player, but its value should not be underestimated. By the same logic that your partner is part of your doubles team, your racket is part of your team as well. If a poor racket is preventing you from hitting shots you’re capable of hitting, then you should find a racket that will allow you to continue your growth as a player. Like any tool, a badminton racquet needs to be taken care of in order to have a long playing life. Whenever you’re not playing, put a head-cover on your racquet.


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