Best Badminton Racket

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The power of badminton rackets does not solely depend on the weight. It is not heavier the rackets are, more power they could generate. Don’t forget who is the one swinging the rackets. Use the following formula to understand more of the power generated from a racket.

Consider the Following:

Lower balance point – The balance point affected a lot on the feel of your racket. If your racket has a high balance point then you will feel your racket is heavier towards the racket head and if your racket has a lower balance point then you will have this head light feeling on your racket.

Less stiffness – The flexibility of the racket do have an impact on the feel of your racket. In theory, the flexible shafts designed for beginner and amateur players are good for control and easier to maneuver but I have seen champions winning games after games, delivering smashes after smashes using a Prospeed mid-flex shaft racket.

Heavier weight – A racket, unstrung, which is weight between 88 grams to 92 grams is possibly a good power racket provided the balance point are not too low.

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