Best Tension for your Badminton Racket

Lower string tensions generate more power

Higher string tensions generate more ball control

Rackets with fewer strings (or string density) generate more power

Rackets with few strings also generate more spin – as long as the strings don’t slip

Rackets with tight string beds give more control (less string slippage/movement)

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String thickness is also known as string gauge – the higher the gauge, the thinner the string. There are no hard and fast rules in relation to which string thickness you should use as how the string “feels” depends on the player. The general rule regarding string thickness is as follows:
At the same thickness strings are available that have different coatings or feel. It can be argued that some coatings suit some players more than others, but due to the extremely short time the shuttle is in contact with the string it won’t make much difference.

Badminton string tension will affect the general feel that your racquet has. A quick rule to remember with regards to badminton string tension, is that more tension leads to more control, less tension leads to more power. As the two tensions differ, you will lose either more power or more control depending on the amount of tension applied to your badminton strings.

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