Product Review: Kevlar Tennis String

Kevlar is an extremely stiff material and provides excellent durability, as much as 5 times the durability of nylon.

Because Kevlar strings are so stiff and have almost no elasticity, they are mostly combined with another more elastic string to increase playability. A combination of one type of string on the mains and another type of string on the crosses is called a hybrid string job.

The durability of this Kevlar is combined with the responsive playability of a high grade polyamide. The low elongation and high tensile strength of Kevlar prevents abrasion resulting in longer string life. A lively polyamide cross string produces increased energy return to the ball.

  • The kevlar tennis string is the most durable tennis string which is available on the tennis string market.

  • You shouldn’t really use this tennis string unless you are a chronic tennis string ‘breaker’. Watch out, this type of tennis string is very stiff, plays uncomfortably and generates very little power.

  • This is also very damaging for your arm and wrist. If you do use kevlar tennis strings, we advise you to lower the tension by 10%.

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