Product Review: Multifilament Tennis String

Multifilament strings have no centre core, but are made up of hundreds or thousands of strands of material twisted together, usually with an outer coat for added protection. Typically, aging of multifilament strings exhibit a ‘furry’ nature to the strings as the outer coat wears and the individual fibres break.

These type of strings are the softest synthetic strings available and therefore give the best playability and have the best elasticity and tension maintenance short of natural gut. To simulate natural gut as much as possible, many filaments are wound together then covered by a more resilient outer layer to provide durability.

They are extremely durable (hence good for frequent string breakers). They also create a very stiff string bed, which allows the player to swing very hard but not lose control of the ball.

Silver Sky Multifilament Comfortmax offers a perfect balance of playability, durability and is a softer string which offers less shock. Silver Sky Multifilament Comfortmax in simple terms is an arm friendly string. Designed specifically to absorb impact shock and help reduce the risk of tennis elbow.

Multifilaments often tend to be more expensive, but a cheaper alternative to natural gut.

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