Product Review – Polyester String


Poly-based strings are soft criticized for being stiff, rapidly losing tension, contributing to elbow pain and failing to hold playing properties. These statements are only true when the strings have been overtensioned and OVERSTRETCHED.

 When not overtensioned or overstretched poly-based strings are EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, LOSE LESS TENSION THAN MOST SYNTHETICS, and HOLD PLAYING PROPERTIES for an extended period of time.

Poly-based strings have a much lower level of resiliency than synthetics and natural gut.  As such, when being installed, it must be handled with care.  Even though it is a strong and durable string in the raquet, it takes a tender touch to install properly. Polys are stiff, low-powered strings.  As such, polys allow players to take big, fast swings at the ball, and because of the fast racquet head speed, players are able to generate insane amounts of topspin – the kind of topspin that makes the ball dive out of the air and land just inside the lines.

In the modern era of tennis, players are physically strong, and racquet technology has evolved to create powerful frames.  In contrast to past decades, pro tennis players do not need power from their strings.  In fact, they need the exact opposite – they need low-powered strings that temper the power of their bodies and their frames and provide more control.  Polys meet these needs perfectly.

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