Product Review: Silver Sky Polymax

The Silver Sky Polymax string is perfect for players who are looking to add more control and spin on their ground strokes. This particular type of string works best with baseliners with long and fast strokes (think Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova). The Polymax also offers great durability for constant string breakers, as well as great ‘bite’ on the ball, and the higher elasticity allows for greater rebound. The result is a ‘heavier’ ball packed with tremendous amounts of spin, which allows the player to take bigger swings as the increased spin allows the ball to drop sooner.


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Similar to ‘breaking in’ a new pair of shoes, a newly strung Silver Sky Polymax feels tight and doesn’t bite at much. But after a few hours of hitting, you will get its maximum comfort and effect. Loss of about 3-4 lbs of tension is expected, but after the initial drop, the string tension stays relatively constant. Just make sure you lower the tension by 5lbs especially if it is your first time using a polyester string as these are ‘stiffer’ compared to other types of string. Cost conscious players and parents might want to consider the Silver Sky Polymax as an alternative to the more expensive brands like the Luxilon Alu PowerBig Banger or the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour. This and other high quality, low cost strings are available at

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