Tennis String categories, types and kinds

Tennis String categories, types and kinds

Tennis String categories, types and kinds



Strings are the part of a tennis racquet which make contact with the ball. The strings form a woven network inside the head (or “hoop”) of the racquet. Strings have been made with a variety of materials and possess varying properties that have been measured, such as dynamic stiffness, tension retention, thickness (gauge), string texture (shape of the string), and rebound efficiency.

The material used in tennis string can significantly affect a player’s performance, and even health. Several materials are used to make tennis strings. They vary in terms of elasticity, durability, rebound efficiency, tension holding capability, and manufacturing cost, among other considerations

String Categories

Reels of string
A listing of string reels available in 330′ String Reels, 407′ String Reels, 440′ String Reels, 660′ String Reels, 720′+ String Reels, Kevlar Reels, and Polyester Reels. Durability strings
Perfect for string breakers. Here strings are sorted into durable synthetic strings, aramid/technora string, and polyester based strings.

Best Values(Price vs. Performance)

Find our best-rated strings for performance and value including synthetic gut, polyester, Kevlar and hybrid strings. Colored strings
Strings sorted into color groups of black, blue, gold, green, platinum, purple, silver, teal, white, and yellow string.
String Gauges
Search for strings by the following gauge categories, 15L gauge, 16 gauge, 17 gauge, 17L gauge, 18 gauge, and 19 gauge strings. Hybrid Strings
Sets of string featuring different main/cross compositions for increased playability or durability.
Low Cost Strings
Categorized as separate sets or in reels, strings listed here are great for players or teams on a budget. Maximum Playability String
A selection of gut and high-end synthetic strings with an emphasis on playability over durability and longevity.
Multifilament Strings
Typically more comfortable than solid core strings due to the cushioning effect of hundreds or even thousands of micro fibers. High level of playability and recommended for players suffering from arm problems. Natural Gut
Offering the ultimate in playability and performance, Natural Gut is the obvious choice for players looking for the best performance from their racquet. The most arm friendly string available.

Soft (Arm Friendly String)
A selection of strings with a soft and arm friendly feel at contact. These strings are a great way to soften up a stiff racquet frame.

Spin friendly String
A selection of thin and or textured strings with an emphasis on the development of spin off the stringbed.
String Savers
Get the most from your strings by using string savers. A great way to prolong the life of soft natural gut or multifilament synthetic strings.

Synthetic Gut Strings
A selection of nylon synthetic gut strings varying in construction from single to multiple wraps.
Textured Strings
A selection of strings featuring a textured surface for increased ball bite at impact. Textured strings tend to be very spin friendly.

Polyester Strings
Polyester strings have rapidly gained popularity on the pro tour. Offering excellent durability and a distinct feel, polyester strings are a good fit for hard hitting, chronic string breakers.

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