If you are a tennis player or let’s say you are just a tennis enthusiast, it is really a big deal to choose a quality racket

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Find a vendor or manufacturer who makes the heads of rackets oversized. By the way, an oversized head is best for players who are slow swinging, and it gives them an extra oomph when hitting. Since it is oversized, you can make sure that the racket is still lightweight.
If you think that the game is a little shaky, and you need to gain some more control over the ball, you can fix this problem with a small-headed racket which a bit heavier than a typical racket. A small-headed racket is specially designed for players who already have the power to send a ball once over and sailing into opponents’ tennis windscreens.
Since there are many different types of rackets available, it’s important to try out a few options before you get one. If you are upgrading either longer or has a bigger head of racket, it may take a bit of playing before you get acclimated to it. It only means that it’s been a few weeks before you realize that your racket is still feeling awkward to you, and it will end up to switching it up.
Although rackets are the main tools of the tennis game. These may affect the performance of a player. Either you switch or upgrade to a new one, a racket will not totally change on how you play the game.


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The Importance of Proper Maintenance Tennis Racket

The Importance of Proper Maintenance Tennis Racket

If you are a tennis player choosing a quality racket. A racket is your only weapon in the game (aside from your confidence to play). It is better to choose a racket that you think is comfortable to use. Although, there are techniques and effective strategies to win the game, a quality racket is one of the factors that will help you improve your game and assist you in avoiding those dreaded tennis court divider nets.
Remember the days when you are a beginner, you bought a racket from a Tennis Shop. For sure, you choose a racket which is good for a beginner like you. But as time flies, your skills in playing tennis have probably improved and you are probably looking to upgrade your current racket too.
Not all the time, you need to replace and upgrade your racket, especially if there is a few things that can be fixed. The only solution for a few damages of tennis racket, and to prolong the life of the racket, is a good maintenance.
Basic maintenance tips for racket are enough to keep its quality and the life. To know more about, below are some simple tips…

1.) Never slam your racquet on the ground (regardless what is your reason or the situation just like losing a match). Why? The result is, you will gain a noble bearing among your hotheaded opponents. And the sad part here is, your racquet will retain its structural integrity.

2.) If you love your racket, protect it by carrying it in a case or bag. Usually, when you purchased rackets, the manufacturers have provided cases or bags for free for the rackets. The tennis bags and cases are so handy. If you need to carry more than one racquet, most of them can hold several at a time. If you are too careless just like throwing your racket in a backpack, in your car or on a carrier pigeon, good luck to you! As your racket will get damaged soon!

3.) If you want to purchase a racket frame, let it undergo first into testing procedures so you can determine its recommended range of tension. Stringing your racket increases the chance of damaging the frame severely.

4.) A collision with the cement can be happened at any time. When this happens, you may hear some rattling in your racket. If you hear a rattling sound, it only means that you knocked some graphite and the graphite is loosened inside the frame of a racket. To fix the problem, check the racket’s butt cap. Every racket has a removable butt cap and the butt cap can be found at the bottom of your grip. Some butt caps are easy to snap off, while of them require a small screw drive to pry open. After you get the butt cap off, you must shake it until that graphite comes falling out. By the way don’t forget to put the butt cap back on before you play.
5.) Always replace worn down grips. If you don’t want to replace your grip yet, use an overgrip as it goes right over the original grip.

6.) For sure, no one wants to keep his racket on a radiator. Once a racket is exposed to a radiator, it will result into a serious damage to the strings and frame. Moreover, avoid storing your racket in extreme cold, as the extreme cold can make the racket brittle and unusable.

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