Tennis Strings: A players view from a cost standpoint

Tennis StringsTennis Strings

Tennis Strings

Tennis players from the aspiring tennis professional to the recreational club player often secretly wish to be able to hit a forehand like Novak Djokovic, hit exquisite spin and angles like Roger Federer, and cover the court and run down shots like Rafael Nadal. So one way or the other, they think that by using their rackets, they can somehow hit with the same spin and power, wear the same shoes they wear, they can now sprint faster, and get to every ball that comes their way. If you are one of those players, then you have fallen for their very persuasive and clever marketing and advertising strategy!


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Tennis is a very expensive sport, from rackets, equipments, balls, and apparel. It will cost you thousands just to be able to start, let alone keep playing the sport. But tennis as a form of recreation, exercise and socialization need not be THAT expensive! Local brands are already starting to come up, with Accel producing cheaper alternatives to shoes and apparel comparable to the Adidas and Nike’s which cost double  or even three times more.


Another item where we players needlessly spend is on tennis strings. We also get caught on what brand Nadal or Federer uses that we think that by using their strings, we can also hit like them. For the intermediate or club level player, the high-end brand strings which costs thousands of pesos make only a minimal or no difference in the way you hit the ball, unless you are a highly advanced competitive player, where the strings affect the subtle spins and cuts you make on the ball. Strings like the Silver Sky Rough Banger, which plays similar to the Luxilon Alu Rough, but only at less than 20% of the price. The Silver Sky Turbo Spin, which is of the same make and playability as the Tecnifibre Black Code, but only at about 30% of the cost. The savings you can get on these strings can be spent on playing more, or getting a pro or coach to give you lessons to REALLY improve your game!


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