Tennis String Breakage

Strings fail for a few different reasons. Breakage is not common, but persistent. Strings should not break. There is usually a reason other than manufacturing defect for a string to break. The instrument is usually to blame, and it almost always the instruments nut or pegs. More information on this subject is on our Instrument Tech pages. Tension loss is the main reason strings fail. As the string stretches, the mass in the vibrating portion of the Typically string breakage is caused by “notching” at the intersections of the mains and crosses.

Sometimes, strings break at the frame edge. Often, this is caused by hitting a ball hard off the frame edge.
Causes for string breakage:
❖ High Tensions·
❖Strings rubbing each other
❖Miss hits
Some times to avoid String breakage.
1. Keep your racquet(s) away from heat! This means never store racquets in the trunk of a car during hot summer months.
2. Keep your racquets out of the cold. Cold temperatures make your strings lose resilence and become “dead”. Also, cold temperatures make your strings more brittle, and more likely to break prematurely.
3. Insert string savers, sometimes called string-a-lings, into the strings of your racket. String savers are tiny plastic pieces that are inserted at the intersection of a main and a cross string –usually in the sweet spot area. The tiny pieces keep the strings from rubbing against each other, which reduces notching.
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